Town of Ellicott Police reminds residents to keep their Homes and Vehicles Locked.  Report ALL suspicious activity to us at 661-7232.
Town Clerk

Michael C. Erlandson: 665-5317 x202

Deputy Town Clerk/Bookkeeper:   Amy Bellardo (665-5317 x200)
Part-time Deputy Town Clerk:   Valerie Pierce (665-5317 x200)

Although the Town Clerk has duties too numerous to list, he is at the center of Town Government and performs such tasks as: recording the proceedings and official acts of the Town Board; Registrar of Vital Statistics (filing of certificates of birth, marriage and death); receiving taxes for the Town, County, and Special Districts; maintaining custody of all Town Records and legal documents; issuing hunting, fishing, trapping, and dog licenses as well as other special permits. The clerk's office is staffed with three knowledgeable public servants and equipped to provide the public with information on many varied subjects including, but not limited to, local, county and state laws and ordinances, public meetings, and local services available to the public.  Mike, Amy and Valerie are always accomodating and accessible.  We also provide free notary service.

"We always try to give our residents the assistance they need.  If somone has a question we can't answer, we'll do our best to find out." - Mike Erlandson


Town of Ellicott

215 South Work Street
Falconer, NY 14733

Phone: (716) 665-5317
Fax: (716) 488-1160

Police Department


24hr Dispatch:
(716) 661-7232

Office (Mon-Fri 8-4pm):
(716) 665-7083
Fax: (716) 665-7047